Healing Offerings

“You are your own best guide, believe in yourself, in your intuition.”

I offer a variety of services that can be uniquely coupled for the needs of the individual or group.  They are listed below and can be bundled or provided individually.

Infinity Foundation
Seek the light within, empower yourself to be your own best guide.

Zoom Course

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The Infinity Foundation

Spiritual Channeling

This course is the natural first step in understanding channeling and accessing your angels and guides through your innate abilities.

We are all born with the necessary tools to reach out and communicate with Divine Source Energy, spirit guides and angels, but where do we go to learn such lessons and when are we given the opportunity to engage in such activities in a safe space with guidance?

In this course, you will be provided with essential foundational tools for channeling and accessing Divine Guidance.  You will be introduced to the language of the universe, the clairs, given tools of protection to utilize, then guided through the process of channeling and translating the language of the universe.  This course is intended and tailored as first steps in teaching students how to access Divine Guidance, channel and translate information received through practical exercises.

Experience how this course will be one of your greatest assets on your journey of spiritual development and awakening as you walk your path of purpose on this world, in this lifetime.

Dates:  01/28/2023 & 02/18/2023

$75 with early registration,

$80 when registering less than 10 days in advance of course start date.

Please click on the link below for further details and to register.



Services Offered

  1. Traditional readings and healings,
  2. Awakening and guidance to lightworkers on their path in this world, in this lifetime to a place of love and light.
  3. Instruction on clearing, centering and balancing your energy and how to protect your energy.
  4. Education on the parallels between science, quantum and theoretical physics and channeling energy, from the perspective of an awakened and informed soul.  If you reason or accept the concept of a wave based reality based on frequency and vibration, and at its foundation energy, you can see and understand the parallels and interconnectedness of science, spirituality and The Universe.
  5. Clear homes and spaces of undesired spiritual energies or attachments, teaching and empowering individuals to maintain this clarity.  There are caveats, necessary education and understanding provided with such a service as this clearing must be maintained.  The details and nuances will be explained prior to the scheduling of any clearing.

Michio Kaku:  Time Pretzels, Cosmic Music and The Theory of Everything

“String Theory says that all the  notes on a vibrating string correspond to a particle.  That an electron is actually a rubber band, a very tiny rubber band, but if you “twang” this rubber band, it vibrates at a different frequency, it turns into a quark, and you “twang” it again and it turns into a neutrino.  How many notes are there?  an infinite amount.  How many notes are there on a string, an infinite number.  That may explain why we have so many subatomic particles.  They’re nothing but music notes.  

So physics is nothing but the laws of harmonies on a string.   Chemistry is nothing but the melodies you can play on vibrating strings.  And the mind of God, the mind of God that Einstein worked on for the last 30 years of his life, the mind of God would be cosmic music, cosmic music resonating through 11-dimensional hyperspace.  You see our universe is a symphony.  It’s a symphony of vibrating strings, possibly membranes, but when it was born, it was born as a perfect entity in 11-dimensional hyperspace.  That may eventually give us ‘A Theory of Everything.’”

Reading Policies

Readings can be done in person, via voice call, FaceTime or Skype.

I am open to special requests.  I do not limit how, when or where I channel love and light.  Please email me to inquire about special or custom services.

Email or call to schedule an appointment.

It is preferred that readings and healings be prepaid, please email for alternate arrangements.

Unless other arrangements have been made, payment must be made 48 hours prior to the appointment; otherwise, the appointment will be canceled.

I respectfully request that Cancelations be made 24 hours in advance.  This will give me the opportunity to schedule another client in that appointment time.  You will receive a full refund if service is canceled a full 24 hours before scheduled appointment time.
If an appointment is canceled with less than 24 hours notice, any future appointment must be prepaid.  There are no refund for appointments cancelled with less than a full 24 hours notice.