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Laurene Camacho

Mission Statement

My soul purpose is to help others access their higher selves, guides and angels, to simultaneously elevate the collective energy of those who allow me to touch their lives.  This elevation will enable you to be your own best guide and find the reason for your presence here on earth, your soul purpose.  From this place you will move forward with the confidence that you are walking the path you have set for yourself.

About Me

Laurene 1967




Laurene December 11, 1992- Pepperdine University Graduation

Pepperdine Graduation Ceremony December 11, 1992

Grandma Camacho 1967
Grandma Camacho

My website will be like no other because I feel it is important for you to know me.  Who I am, where I come from and what I’m about.  I have always had my gift but chose to teach children with special needs, then to stay home with my children after my second was born.  I have now been called back to use my gift to help others to find love and light in a world of discord.

My gift is a culmination of many past lives and many lessons learned.  I am entrusted with what many are not.  Words like esoteric and omniscience come up when I am meditating or interpreting Angel Numbers on Joanne Walmsley’s website, and I get confused and worried because of the implications and responsibility.  I meditate 3 times a day, and at the beginning of every meditation I thank Divinity, Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels and guides for their trust and faith in me and make it clear I have put my faith and trust in their guidance.  My journey is one of spreading the love and light projected by Divinity, The Energy of the Universe, The Source, The One, The Universe or God, however you choose to title the benevolent, omniscience, omnipresent consciousness consisting of this pure love and light.  I will do what my grandmother, my inspiration and guide, did for me for as many people who will listen and allow me to teach and help them to know and understand that this benevolent energy, love and light is eternal, as is our soul.  My calling is not to  preach, it is to inform in a loving, compassionate and empathetic way.  What does that mean?  It means many things; if you care to know me, what my journey has entailed up to this point and what my projected future is, please, read on.

Sibling Photo 1993 Copy

Sibling photo: (left to right) Vernon, Kerman, Augie and me

Samsung Digital Camera

My children, Desiree and Daniel

My name is Laurene Camacho.  I was born and raised in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve lived in many cities outside of California, but I always come back home.  I’m 50 and have 3 brothers and 2 children.  My parents were born and raised in the state of Hawaii.  My paternal grandparents and my maternal great grandparents came to Hawaii from Puerto Rico to work the sugar cane fields.  My Aunty Blase Camacho-Souza earned an honorary Ph.D from the research she completed on the migration of Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico to Hawaii.  I feel blessed to have been born into this family.  I was raised to appreciate the best parts of the many cultures and people who came to the islands to work the sugar cane fields, as well as the local heritage.  My family truly lives Aloha.  It’s all about food, family and music where I come from.

Dad And Big Sis Aunty Blase – Version 2

Dad’s big sister, Aunty Blase and Dad

There Was Always Music During Family Gatherings. (Back Row) Great-Uncle Dan, Dad, Brother-Vernon, (Front Row) Me, Brother-Augie, Brother-Kerman

Looks like New Years- (Back from the left) Uncle Dan, Dad and Vernon (Front from the left) me, Augie and Kerman

My spiritual upbringing is the foundation for my life.  I’ve always had a gift; my Grandma Camacho never told me directly, but we communicated in a way I cannot explain.  I was a pretty high-strung child, quick to temper, but my grandmother’s touch would cause a feeling of calmness to wash over me that put me back into balance if you will.

I am a “classic” old soul.  I always had a hard time relating to my contemporaries.  I was never inclined to tempt fate.  When my parents said be home by a certain time, I was home.  This afforded me their trust, which in turn allowed me more freedoms than most my age.  I have always been empathic and sensitive, but childhood traumas, not imposed by my parents, forced me inward.  I preferred to be by myself, immersed in thought, often asking why people were so cruel, insensitive or self serving or daydreaming of a better day, a better life, a better world.

Laurene October 2014
Laurene October 2014

When I went to college, I spent my time going to class, studying, working and running.  Still immersed in thought.  I used to go to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and watch the Sunday matinee, then “people watch” for most of the afternoon.  I would study interactions among people walking on the Promenade.  I didn’t listen to their conversations; I would watch their body language, facial expressions and voice inflections.  I felt I could learn at least as much about people from their physical attributes as from their words.  This experience has always been true to me.  As such, I used to feel the knowledge I acquired about people I interacted with was a direct result of being adept at reading subtle messages conveyed through body language, facial expressions and vocal tone.  It never occurred to me that it might be a result of claircognizance or clairsentience.

I had my first panic attack when I was 13 and my first bout of depression at 17 after my Grandma Camacho passed.  These are ailments that have followed me throughout my life.  Throughout my 20s I suffered from depression and anxiety, but then to add insult to injury, I started hearing voices.  I was scared to death that someone would throw a straight jacket on me and put me in a padded room.  I never talked about the voices but became diligent in taking my antidepressants.  In my 30s I also started watching some of the paranormal shows that were coming onto some of the cable channels.  By watching these shows I opened myself up and exposed myself to many entities, not all of them good.  I had a very scary incident that completely shut me down.  I was already an introvert enjoying my internal world, but then I shut down everything to prevent another “invasion.”  I knew I had psychic moments, but I had no idea the extent of my abilities.  I was shut down for about 13 years; I was on a LOT of medications for the depression and anxiety.  Then things started to fall into place.  I decided I needed to start running again, so I found my way back to the gym.  I am no longer taking any medication.  I feel my depression and anxiety were a direct result of my empathic abilities.  I walked through this world feeling everyone’s joy and pain, but it was the pain and sadness that most profoundly affected me.  As I was unaware of this and did not know how to protect myself with grounding, love and light, I took medications.  This synopsis pretty much brings us to today.

Diane Laurene Patty
Me and my cousins Diane (left) and Patty (right)

My husband and I have separated and after 2 years of marriage counseling we decided to divorce.  We are both at peace with decision and have created the best scenario of the worst situation for our family.

I receive messages or words of affirmation from the Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels and guides almost every moment of my life.  Archangel Raphael has physically touched me; he shows me images to express pride in my commitment to the messages that are being sent to me. He gave me the strength to do and say what I never wanted to do or say with compassion and gratitude, “It’s time to discuss next steps,” also known as divorce.  He then supported me for the days after.  I always knew he was there, but he would often project images to me because he knows that always helps settle my emotions and the pain I am feeling in my heart.  I feel him stepping back, he’s always there but not as prominently.  I feel now my guides will start taking over and play a more prominent role.  The angels and Ascended Masters are constantly telling me, “Don’t worry!  We’re working things out.  Keep on your current path.  We are proud of you and are supporting you.”  So I walk this new path with pride and confidence knowing that I am supported and will help make this world a better place, something I’ve always known I wanted to do but couldn’t quite figure out the specifics of.  I go moving through this world Healing with Love and Light.

2016 Christmas

Christmas 2016 with my dad: (front) me and Dad, (behind) Kerman, Daniel and Desiree