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Spiritual Channeling

This course is the natural first step in understanding channeling and accessing your angels and guides through your innate abilities.

We are all born with the necessary tools to reach out and communicate with Divine Source Energy, spirit guides and angels, but where do we go to learn such lessons and when are we given the opportunity to engage in such activities in a safe space with guidance?

In this course, you will be provided with essential foundational tools for channeling and accessing Divine Guidance.  You will be introduced to the language of the universe, the clairs, given tools of protection to utilize, then guided through the process of channeling and translating the language of the universe.  This course is intended and tailored as first steps in teaching students how to access Divine Guidance, channel and translate information received through practical exercises.

Experience how this course will be one of your greatest assets on your journey of spiritual development and awakening as you walk your path of purpose on this world, in this lifetime.

Dates:  01/28/2023 & 02/18/2023



$75 with early registration,

$80 when registering less than 10 days in advance of course start date.

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