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Communicating with Trees

Communicating with Trees


Laurene Camacho

Mary J. Getten – Teleclasses

Zadeh Jane
Zadeh Jane
Zadeh Jane
Zadeh Jane
Zadeh Jane
Zadeh Jane

I participated in a “Communicating with Trees” class a week ago and felt inclined to share my experience.  I consider myself a “classic psychic.”  I do not label myself a Reiki healer or master, as I have never taken a Reiki class, nor do I call myself a Shaman, animal communicator, Theta or Pranic Healer or any multitude of other titles for psychics,  psychic/energy healers.  Regardless of the title, energy, love and light is the catalyst for the healing of mind, body and spirit or change.  Personally, as a psychic/energy healer, I channel love and light (energy) and listen for guidance from my angels and guides on what I am to do with the energy I channel, which they infuse and fortify through me.  I follow their lead, their guidance and walk the path of my soul purpose.  That being said, I am able to project energy in any way that I request from my angels, guides and Divinity without restriction, I communicate with Mother Nature and her beautiful creatures, but most of these communications have been incidental.  In the past, I had really never sought out direct conversation with trees, plants, animals, marine life or even the energy of what we would consider inanimate objects such as rocks until the last 4 weeks.

I have a plant that I have had for about 3 years, that has been holding on for dear life.  She either started “talking louder” or I started listening, but she is now flourishing.  She told me where she would like be in my home, she tells me when she needs water and fertilizer and has gotten me into a routine of spraying her leaves in the morning and the evening around bath and shower time.  Now that the weather is warming, she is now requesting a third spraying midday, which I am happy to oblige.  I am also in the process of building vertical gardens in my home.  I live in downtown Seattle as this is my place right now.  I love and appreciate where I live.  Seattle does not cut down old growth trees when their root systems start to push up the sidewalks or asphalt, they repair the pavement and trim the trees.  Where I grew up and lived in Northern California, I’ve seen them on many occasions, cut down old growth trees and replant younger trees.  This is short sighted and to the detriment of humanity and Mother Earth.  I have chosen to build my vertical gardens to bring the flow of energy and Mother Earth into my home.  I am bringing in, not only Earth energy, but the elementals, Devas and spirits of these material plane beings.  I am creating a fluidity and flow between the physical outside and interior worlds.  Continuity is important on the material plane as we are all connected and need one another to exist.  This energetic flow honors this connection and is possible not only while living, isolated in the mountains.  We can intentionally create this flow through action, commitment and intention.

There were many parts to this course.  It started with giving individuals a foundation in the concepts of Devas and the spirits that live within the trees as well as a general overview of trees, their place in nature and on the material plane, from spirit and their protectors, “angels” and “guides” or Devas.  We then moved to communicating with trees presented by the instructor, Mary Getten.  I am going to share a conversation I had with the tree outside the window of my apartment.  I want to explain to you that I have a profound relationship with Mother Earth.  I have often felt fear and pain for her struggle with humanity.  During every mediation I would call her to me and bring her back to the ether, back to spirit to replenish her with love and light so she would not lose hope or faith; so she would know that we were here to fight for her, and even though the fight seemed, at times, in vain, that we would not stop until we prevailed or until she felt the need to respond with the survival instinct that we all carry inside.  Should that be the path of choice, I would support her decision and fall with humanity, a fate we have brought upon ourself.  It wasn’t until I won a free reading from a psychic who channels Mother Earth that I was released from my fear for Mother Earth.  This allowed me to let her walk her path and moved me back onto my path with a stronger footing.  Briefly, during the reading I was told by Mother Earth not to worry about her, she was ok, she would be ok.  With goosebumps pulsating all over my body, and up and down my spine, I knew these words to be true.  I feel the result of this relationship creates communications of a general, universal nature and not specific in detail.

Now, back to the tree outside my window.  This tree gave me its name among many other things.  Mary gave us a list of questions to ask a tree of our choice.  I am going to share my conversation with the tree in the form of a transcript.  I’m going to start at the end.  I jokingly called the tree, “Lady Jane,” at the end of my interview.  This is a name my mother used to call me when I was younger with her pidgin accent, “Eh, Lady Jane, what you think you doin? Get your okole over hea!”  Stuff like that.  My tree said to me, “It’s Zadeh Jane!”  Zadeh is also the name of a friend of mines’ daughter from about 26 years ago.  (Interesting for that name to come up again after all these years.  Everything comes full circle, I’m wondering if I’ll see him in passing one day soon.)

My Conversation with Zadeh Jane

Me:  Do you have mission and if so what is it?

Zadeh Jane:  Shade the building, produce O2, house birds, root the soil, bring beauty.

Me:  What is your story?

Zadeh Jane:  Cultivated, grown in a nursery, transported to  this location.  I would prefer more open space.

Me:  What do you like most about your life?

Zadeh Jane:   Birds, people looking at the tops of my branches (from the upper floors of the apartment building), shade and protection from the buildings during harsh weather.

Me:  How are you doing physically?  Are you healthy?

Zadeh Jane:  Yes, I am young and strong.

Me:  What brings you joy?

Zadeh Jane:  Nesting, drizzling of rain, sun and clouds to shine and then protect.

Me:  Do animals visit you and what is your relationship with them?

Zadeh Jane:  Yes he provides shelter and “porta potty,” and a way station, stopping place during migration.

Me:  What is your relationship to the other trees and plants in the area?

Zadeh Jane:  Strained-little connection, little communication.  Old vs. New, Stay vs. Go, uncertainty, disparity.  There is a disconnect in the city reaping havoc on nature. (I feel like electronics, power lines, things we don’t see, are affecting communication and relationship between the natural elements in the city, creating a feeling of isolation.)  Fear of shifting energy (Shifting energy of humans.  There is no clear direction of healing.  There is a knowing of the need for change, but no energy moving in that direction or not enough energy moving in that direction at this time.)

Me:  Have you notices changes in the climate – if so what?

Zadeh Jane:  Yes, but changes to social emotional climate (young tree).  These changes are causing a destabilization, first in the foundation of our social construct then secondarily and less importantly in our climate.  Climate changes, it has over tens of thousands of years, it’s inevitable.  The big picture, we have had ice ages and “heat waves.” It’s all part of transition/change, Mother Earth’s growth and changes.

Me:  Would you like to have a deeper relationship with me?  How do we do that?

Zadeh Jane:  Yes, build your vertical gardens to communicate with the trees and plants outside.  Help bring stability to them.

Me:  Is there anything you would like to tell me?

Zadeh Jane:  Thank you for listening to your intuition, moving (I just moved 5 months ago to my new home).  Stay grounded and centered (energetically, in love and light, Divinty and the Universe).

Me:  Is there anything I can do for you?

Zadeh Jane:  Build the garden, bring the butterflies and lady bugs, balance the energy, create flow, be Zero Point ( reference to Fibonacci Spirals and Zero Point Energy).

Mary J. Getten – Clasess