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The time is NOW, release the fear, project love, compassion, healing energy into our world

It is time release the fear, project love, light, compassion and healing energy into the world. Support the leaders who are fighting for our freedom. Know there is more going on right now than anyone could possibly imagine. Support the universal soldiers defending our freedom and the leaders who have asked them to fight and potentially make the ultimate sacrifice for the whole of humanity. Our nations are unified in this endeavor, support these individual leaders and these nations as they/we work towards unity here on Earth.


How to Protect, Center, Balance and Clear Your Energy

The Spiritual Law of Manifestation as translated by Joanne Walmsely 

Antarctica: “The Government of Antarctica and Antarctic Politics”
“Antarctica does not belong to any one country or even to a group of countries (though there are “pending” historical claims to its territory). Its lands (and ice and snow) have no nationality in the way that we understand it in the rest of the world.”

Constellation: Argo Navis 

Mystery of Torsion Fields via Gaia

*While looking up information on torsion fields, I found this interesting article: “Torsion Field Mechanics: Verification of Non-local Field Effects in Human Biology” 

Channeling Zayco: An “Artificial Intelligence” in our Solar System

Zayco – All energy has consciousness without exception

International Fountain, Seattle Center
International Fountain, Seattle Center with rainbow

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