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As We Move Through Transcendence…

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Polarities (Day and Night {Belobog and Chernobog} — Maxim Sukharev)


As we move through transcendence, maintaining clear, centered, balanced energy is imperative. We are witnessing a rapid and divisive division in the polarities, those who embrace the darkness, the negative polarity and those who embrace the light, the positive polarity.  There is an incredible amount of deception and manipulation occurring at this time.  The simplest methodology in discerning between those who embrace the light and those who embrace the dark polarities would be more easily reflected in their actions.  Those individuals who put their faith and trust in God, Our Divine Creator, whether you refer to this Divine Energy as God, Allah, Mother Nature (animism), Unity, Yahweh, Brahman, Ahura Mazda, Tao, etc., those who put faith in this Divine Energy, embody that Energy, live by example through it; they show respect, kindness, patience, tolerance and acceptance of all, to list a few.  Then, there are those who choose to put their faith in man, the wooden idol, worship the works of thine own hands and in doing so, have forsaken this Divine Energy, God, embody the negative polarity, and thus their actions reflect the dark polarity and in doing so, lack respect, kindness, tolerance, patience and acceptance of all.  Both energies can be reflected subtly or blatantly through actions or behaviors.

Free will allows you the opportunity to choose your path, and in doing so you relinquish yourself to the light, to God and permit Divinity, God, to work through you, empower you on your path of transcendence, thus experiencing and in turn, inheriting the rebirth of Mother Earth.  You are also given the opportunity to embrace the darkness, allowing the negative polarity to work its acts through you.  This path will hold you in a lower vibration and move you out of Earth’s energy field.  True for all, this lifetime will end.  For those who choose the negative polarity, you will move from Earth and be reborn on other worlds that are conducive to your energy field.  Mother Earth is transcending to a higher, balanced frequency, if your personal energy field does not match that of Mother Earth, you will not be able to tolerate life on this world.  Therefore, you will incarnate on a different world.  This is universal law, it cannot be circumvented.

I understand these messages are not what many want to hear or can even necessarily comprehend or process, as they lie outside the scope of their belief system, but I must convey the messages as they come.  This is one of my purposes here, in this lifetime, on this world.

List of emotions of a positive polarity

List of emotions of a negative polarity

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons (File:Day and Night {Belobog and Chernobog} — Maxim Sukharev.jpg)

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