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Tropical Flower Symbolism

I have come into the habit of posting floral arrangements I choose intuitively weekly on my social media.  This weeks arrangement had a special story, so I chose to share it in a blog post.  Also, if you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos, there are synchronicities found between the videos and the symbolism in this arrangement.

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Tropical Floral Arrangement
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A Beautiful Mistake

This weeks floral arrangement has a name, “A Beautiful Mistake.”  I saw a beautiful tropical arrangement that resonated with me in addition to the yellow calla lilies and the red freesia flowers.  When I took the tropical bouquet up with the lilies and freesia flowers, there was a misunderstanding with what I wanted.  Shell, the florist, asked if I wanted the flowers arranged, I said, yes.  When I came back, she combined the freesia and lilies with the tropical arrangement.  I told her it was “A Beautiful Mistake” and I loved what she did with the arrangement.  The flowers are red and orange heliconia, red ginger, red fressia, yellow calla lily.  The green foliage is Chinese evergreen, dracanea fragrans, Kentia palm and Monstera deliciosa.


RED GINGER: The flower can mean diversity, wealth and burning passion. It’s considered a good sign if you find a red tower ginger growing nearby.

HELICONIA: If you want to stay young and beautiful, buy a Heliconia. Or you could go the whole hog and fill your house with the plant. The plant is named after the Greek Mount Helikon, where the Muses lived. They always remained fresh, fruity, beautiful and the young. The mountain is now in the Zagreb range in Boeotia.

MONSTERA: It’s said that Monstera deliciosa represents suffocation because of the rapidly growing leaf-bearing vine and aerial roots. That’s why we prefer to stick to the Chinese symbolism, where the Monstera is a symbol of a long life and the honouring of elders and respected people. That’s a lot more cheerful and desirable!

(Although the filler is not a tree, it lead me to the symbolism of the tree, which resonated with me.)

The spirit of the dragon tree is here to help us face the conflicting and chaotic forces that are at play in our life. It also reminds us that chaos can be a necessary force for creating positive change.

The Dragon tree encourages us tap into a magical way of thinking to resolve conflict and bring about positive change.

Dragon tree encourages us to see past our fear and into the future when the conflict no longer exists. By connecting with this vision of peace we are able to bring that vision into our hearts in the present moment. Seek out peaceful resolutions that harm no one.

CHINESE EVERGREEN: In Chinese culture, aglaonemas represent good luck and prosperity. People around the world recognize this auspicious symbolic meaning.

KENTIA PALM: There is nothing specifically written on the symbolism of the plant, but it is described as elegant and diverse.

CALLA LILY: The most common meaning for calla lilies is purity, holiness, and faithfulness. It’s commonly depicted in images of the Virgin Mary. Calla lilies are also symbols for rebirth and resurrection, tied to the resurrection of Jesus in part because they bloom around Easter and in part because they are shaped like trumpets which symbolize triumph.

  • White calla lilies symbolize purity and innocence.
  • Pink calla lilies symbolize appreciation and admiration.
  • Purple calla lilies symbolize charm and passion.
  • Yellow calla lilies symbolize gratitude.

The calla lily symbolizes the beauty of a couple’s love.

FREESIA FLOWER: meanings generally include friendship, trust, thoughtfulness and innocence. Red freesias symbolize passion.

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