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Divine Love, Divine Light to All (04/08/2023)

“To live in a world without currency is to live in a world that understands the intrinsic value of the greater good.”

We are at a place of profound change, it is necessary to be open to this change, but it is more than being open to change, in order to be open to change on this level, we must know trust. This world has not taught us trust and faith, it has leveraged its existence on fear and insecurity. From this place, where do we find such a thing as absolute faith and trust? It is found within, it is found in our acknowledgement of our own Divine Light, our own inner Divinity. When we see, know and trust this part of ourselves, fear and insecurity coalesce as constructs and humanity then knows these concepts do not truly exist. From this place we begin the journey of self-discovery, path and purpose. Through transcendence, we being our next cycle.

This video discusses the visions, messages and experiences occurring this week. Although, moments of this week have been arduous, to feel the divergence of the collective consciousness is a necessary part of bearing witness. As the flow of energy becomes tumultuous around me, I find myself in a sea of calm as I sit in the Divine Flow of energy.

I set the intention, that my experiences and the messages provided, present inspiration and opportunities for your spiritual growth. As our vibrations rise we gravitate to one another with this intention, predetermined by the Divine Consciousness. We move into Unity, Divinely inspired to align our intentions, vibration, and create a new world, from this place, we will inspire the Universe from clear, centered and balanced energy, projecting Divine Love and Light to all.


00:34 – April 2, 2023
15:12 – April 4, 2023
28:25 – April 6, 2023
35:05 – April 7, 2023
49:09 – April 8, 2023

These Are The Days (04/01/2023) – Last week’s video

The Book of Revelation (NIV)

Silly String Image: Sandrock Students Silly String Principal via Craig Press by Darian Warden

Puppet Stage Image: PARIS DISPATCH:
The French Theaters Where the iPhone Is No Match for Guignol via the New York Times by Liz Alderman

Puppeteers and stage Image: Norwich Puppet Theatre bridge brought back into use after 30 years via BBC News by Martin Barber

Stock puppet image: via Shutterstock by retrorocket

Hollow Earth image: via History – Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Theory (Season 10) History

Children hugging gif via Instagram by wholesome_motivation

Native American Image: Buffalo & Native Americans via Buffalo Field Campaign

Animal Rights, Imperialism and Indigenous Hunting via ICT News by Jessica Thornton

Higher-Self Oracle by Deanna Marie Riddick

Sphere image: How to modeling sheet metal sphere via Grabcad Community by Scarab

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