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Accepting And Developing Spiritual Gifts

Accepting And Developing Spiritual Gifts


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In today’s world, more and more people are accepting and developing spiritual gifts and incorporating them into their everyday life, bringing balance and harmony to the body and soul, mind and spirit. If we ignore any aspects of ourselves and don’t utilize parts of our personality, our souls become fragmented. If we don’t nurture our physical bodies they will become unhealthy and will begin to malfunction and become dis-eased. If we ignore our emotional needs we invite tension, stress and sorrow into our lives. If we ignore our spirituality and depress our true selves and fixate only upon worldly possessions, we develop a spiritual poverty within ourselves.

The concept and practice of accepting and developing our spiritual gifts is gaining momentum. In recent years many people have turned their attention towards an interest in yoga, meditation, Reiki, crystals and the like, and this in turn has led to an upsurge of people opening up to their spirituality and beginning to examine their lifestyle choices, and all aspects of themselves/ourselves. Not only are we born with a guardian angel (or spirit guide), but we have instilled within us the most amazing spiritual gifts. In order to be accepting and developing our spiritual gifts, we need to learn how to nurture and accept all aspects of ourselves. We need to open and heal our Heart Chakras so that we are always working, living and coming from a place of love. To assist with accepting and developing spiritual gifts, make some time for yourself where you won’t be disturbed or distracted, or concerned about time constraints. Find a place to sit comfortably in a mediation posture (whatever suits you) and relax the body and soul, mind and spirit.
Close your eyes and focus upon your breathing. Allow your breath to slow down and become deeper than usual. Invoke Archangel Chamuel and ask for help and protection, and for him to oversee the process. Place your palm upon your Heart Chakra (in the centre of your chest) and visualize your Heart Chakra’s 12 lotus petals. As you look at them, see if you notice any petals that are damaged or have dark spots or shadows on them. See if any are closed or not opened properly. Ask Archangel Chamuel to open the petals fully and repair any damaged ones. Allow him to cleanse and heal any petals.
The usual color of the heart lotus petals are seen as green, but as we evolve spiritually, the petals change color to a shade of pink. This is why the Heart Chakra is expressed as green and pink. To close the healing and meditation session which helps us with accepting and developing spiritual gifts, thank Archangel Chamuel for his assistance, and bring yourself back to everyday reality. Take a moment to regulate your breathing and align your bearings. Repeat this short meditation for accepting and developing spiritual gifts at further sessions until all of your heart lotus petals are pink and your Heart Chakra is open, and you are inspired to develop your spiritual gifts.

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