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As Above, So Below, The Heart of Mother Earth and the Merkaba


Each of us embody meaning and purpose for this world. It is our obligation to realize that meaning and purpose and apply it to our lifetime. Mother Earths’ purpose is to create and sustain life. She also reincarnates, as we do. As she is reborn, life on this world will change. She is not committed to any one life form on Earth. She creates and cares for all. As Mother Earth is reborn, those living in balance rejuvenate with her.

This video discusses the Divine support given to Mother Earth during her transition and the unique roles surface humans and the raptor collective “Friend” play during transcendence.

The raptor collective are the closest aligned with humanity as they were born and evolved with Earth and have existed here in a continuous timeline, just like us. Other inner earth beings, with the exception of the beings protecting the heart of Mother Earth, represent humanoids from different time lines and/or those who have chosen to leave and create a subculture, such as the Zeta Reticuli. Their ability to interact with surface humans is limited because of choices, but the raptors are free to engage surface humans as they desire, as Mother Earth is also their home. In other words, these other humanoid beings are here, merely, to attempt to maintain their timelines to assure their continued existence. They are no longer part of the original timeline. They can only do so much as they are bound by universal law. Their choices, how they intervene, determine their consequences. Free will gives us the right to make our own choices without interference.

The Zeta Reticuli believed they were getting away when they left Earth, but now they are back, their DNA no longer viable. Their race will die out, a consequence of their choices. They will all pass and return to Source, all must return to Source, no one can circumvent universal law. This is what is commonly referred to as karma.

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