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As We Move To Meet Our Destiny…

As we move to meet our destiny, where do we place our focus? It is prudent that we look within, see our true selves and what our roles are in this lifetime, on this world. What have we accomplished? What do we wish we would have accomplished? What are our achievements and what shall we hold ourselves accountable for? The epiphanies and self realizations acknowledged are sign posts on your path. They will tell you your next steps. As you set the intention of faith and trust in the Divine, you begin to set the path for your next incarnation. The next lifetime for all of us will be profound and meaningful. It will be a milestone in each of our existences as individuals and as a collective within the Divine, the Creator of All Things, for we are all, Everything Everywhere and Nowhere, We permeate all things, unified always, never apart.


Joanne Walmsely’s translation of The Universal Spiritual Laws

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness via Elephant Journal

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