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Awaken from the long sleep…

We are the stars…

Awaken from the long sleep imposed on the beings of Earth.  Spark the memory of your Divine Origin.  Entrust to the collective consciousness your dreams of hope, faith, trust, honor, integrity, mutual respect, kindness, forgiveness and unconditional love.   We are one, unified always, never apart in the collective nature of our conscious mind, our beingness.  We are the greatest gift we possess.  We heal one another with the love, compassion, kindness, acceptance and forgiveness we share and bestow upon one another.  Be a paladin of love and light, heal our world and our universe from this place.  The One is a powerful being once it becomes aware of it’s true origin it’s Divine Source, The Source of Love and Light.  We are the stars, we are The Creator, we create our existence.

-Channeled from beings of love and light

~ Laurene

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