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Baggage, Balance and The Inner Earth

This video discusses the importance of clear, centered and balanced energy as it relates to the flow of energy and the journey of spiritual awakening, specifically, utilizing my own “baggage” as a frame of reference.  I feel this is an important component to address during the planetary transition taking place affecting the consciousness of humanity as a whole (the collective consciousness). The video ends with my first engagement, “first contact,” telepathic communication, with a reptilian race living in the inner earth whose ambassador referred to himself as “Friend.”


List of emotions of a positive polarity

List of emotions of a negative polarity

Interview With Extra Dimensionals with Georgia Jean, Episodes 11 and 12 via Gaia 

Initiation With Matias De Stefano, Season 2 Episode 3 via Gaia
Reptilians vs. Giants Reptilians were referred to as Sofhir and used emotions to capture information. They used emotion to awaken the power of information.

Initiation With Matias De Stefano, Season 2 Episode 4 via Gaia
The Four Foundations for Humanity

Explanation of “The Now,” Time-Space, Space-Time & The Role of the Alpha Draco Collective, RADIANCE 

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness via Elephant Journal

I decided to do a little research and read up on reptiles and found this article I found interesting and thought I would share
“A Guide to Australia’s Dragon Species” by Steve K. Wilson Published in Australian Geographic, June 17, 2009 

The Universal Spiritual Laws as translated by Joanne Walmsely 


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