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Divine Love, Divine Light to All (04/08/2023)

“To live in a world without currency is to live in a world that understands the intrinsic value of the greater good.” We are at a place of profound change, it is necessary to be open to this change, but…

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These Are The Days (04/01/2023)

This video discusses varied topics related to this process of transcendence, but the most important theme throughout the video is the perpetual nature of change. The only thing constant in the universe is change. There are no words to describe…

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Firewalls and Divergence (03/25/2023)

Once again, there are many topics discussed in this video, connecting to the higher-self, quantum entanglement, divergence and transcendence. Where are we in this process? This process is eternal and ever-changing, it involves understanding the self, our connection to the…

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