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Return of the White Buffalo (08/26/2023)

As we go through this time of profound change, know that the faith and trust you have demonstrated in the Creator of All Things, protects you. This process of vetting has been continuous since our birth, but most trying these past few years. Every moment that we express ourselves through our hearts, with every beat, we move into alignment with Mother Earth. Your internal guidance, from a clear, centered and balanced place reveals your path and purpose; honor your intuition, be a paladin of love and light, heal our mother and manifest our new earth.

This video discusses messages I received relating to path and purpose and an interaction with Father Sun, Solis. The interaction with Father Sun carries a global message, but also a very personal message for me, what is that personal message for you. Honor your intuition and receive your message, Divine Guidance.

00:31 – Message of path and purpose
05:51 – Interaction with Father Sun, Solis

Legend of the White Buffalo via Legends of America

Interference of Waves | Superposition and Interference in light and water waves | Physics

Solar Plexus Chakra

Sacral chakra

#LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #Eira #LightInTheDarkness


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