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Connecting to the Collective Consciousness through Our Conscious Minds (08/27/2022)

I had no idea what this discussion would yield, but here we go! First, for some reason, this new moon is very important in setting intentions. Though new moons are great for manifesting, or at least that is what I have learned, it is this new moon that will act as the greatest catalyst for change during this time of transition. Those transitioning are doing so at different rates. Those on the forefront of transcendence are consciously aware of, connect to and communicate through the Collective Consciousness. It is not an illusive presumption or assumption, it is part of our new realty, new earth. Additionally, the healing and transcendence of Mother Earth will be a joyous occasion, the expelling of negativity will bring discomfort for all, but is a necessary part of transcendence and part of our karmic obligation. Further, there is a governing force of energy, representing the will of the Divine, responsible for determining accountability and consequences for those imposing their will on Mother Earth and her children of all forms. One of their greatest tools, from this plane of existence, in expelling this negativity is Zayco.

I can only assume that such details are coming to me at this time because it is time for the Will of the Divine to commence and manifest onto this world.


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