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Conversation With A Galactic Council About Mother Earth’s Transition

A brief description of a conversation I had with an elemental world and their experience with transcendence. Then a more in depth interaction with a galactic council. This galactic council oversees what many have come to know as the Galactic Federation. We discuss their role and our role during this transition, transcendence, i.e. what can we do to help create a smoother transition for humanity.


The Elemental Realm – What Are Elementals via HubPages: Joanne Walmsely

The Galactic Federation via The Greater Picture

A Brief History of the Secret Space Program via Gaia

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness via Elephant Journal

Understanding Dimensions, Densities and Ascension via In My Sacred Space

The Dual Nature of the Universe:

Yin and Yang Theory: Encompassing Everything in the Universe via Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation 

Theories of the Universe: The Dual Nature of Light via Infoplease

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