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Day 5 – My Journey: Fasting to Fortify – Spirituality-Science; Time-Space

Fasting on My Journey to My Soul Purpose
How can I claim to be a spiritual being if I don’t follow Divine Guidance?
Blog: Spirituality-Science
The Eye of God: Helix Nebula, The eye, the journey into time-space. (image 1)

Each path is extraordinary and unique.  The onus is on each of us to find our individual path and walk it.  No one can lead you on that path and it is inappropriate for others to follow your path for each path is unique.  There are those spiritual energies of a positive polarity and those existing on the material plane, who may help guide you in a general direction, but make no mistake, this path is yours alone to walk.  Many may walk with you, parallel to your path and cross it, but like you they must honor their individual paths.

On this journey, we must use our intuition to seek out knowledge and information that will help us on our paths.  Then use this knowledge to bolster ourselves on this journey. Reconciling this information on many levels is imperative, for the world before us is a perceived reality and to understand this truth one must delve into the world of science.  It is in the reconciliation of Quantum Theory and the channeling of energy that we will unlock the secrets of The Universe.  Within our space-time existence, we follow the laws of science created by space-time.  It is in time-space, outside of space-time, that miracles occur, where science or the laws of science do not restrain our reality, our consciousness.  We can remove our consciousness from this existence and create profound change as an individual, outside the collective consciousness1.  This gift allows us to create profound change and perform what many perceive as miracles, but this ability is only accessible to those of the highest vibration.  This is not only about clear, centered and balanced energy, this is about intention.  Your intention must be of the highest good of all, never just the one.  One cannot request this honor, it is bestowed upon the individual by energies such as Metatron2.  We must release any negativity we carry, reconcile out past in the present, love the self and the world around us unconditionally and always act for the greatest good.  This is what is being ask of us, this world provides the journey, the paths and the lessons preparing us for transcendence.

Consider the possibilities
Blog: Spirituality-Science: Time-Space
Young’s Double Slit Experiment Intuition on Constructive Interference in Two Dimensions (Image 2)

Question: What exists outside space-time?

Answer: Ian Miller, PhD, FRSC, chemist, theoretician, author

This depends on what you mean by “spacetime”? One interpretation is that it is a mathematical construct necessary to make any headway in General Relativity. That by itself does not make it a physical entity, so your question then would be, what lies outside that mathematical construct, which I guess would mean extra dimensions as these are not within your definition.

There seems to be another interpretation that it is a physical entity, that can be sliced, bent, strained, etc. Either there is a physical entity or there is not. If there is not, then the answer is nothing physical, or everything physical, depending on how you interpret “what exists”. If there is a physical entity, then either spacetime is a mathematical construct to superimpose on it to describe what happens, in which case I return to para 1. If spacetime is the physical entity, than I don’t think we know because we cannot as yet define that entity.

On piece of evidence that there may be a physical entity is the constancy of the speed of light. That means that there is a constant base permittivity and permeability, which suggests that something is giving rise to that property.3

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Image 1 credit:  Wallpaper Safari-“Helix Nebula Eye Of God Wallpaper 2560X1600 World Wallpaper Collection” 2560×1600

Image 2 credit:  Physics: Stack Exchange-Young’s Double Slit Experiment Intuition on Constructive Interference in Two Dimensions

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