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Day 6 – My Journey: Fasting to Fortify – Reaching Beyond the Known With Trust and Faith

Fasting on My Journey to My Soul Purpose
How can I claim to be a spiritual being if I don’t follow Divine Guidance?

The clear message being presented to all of us during this time is to honor our intuition.  The manipulation coupled with the spiraling of our nation and planet is a message imploring us to look within to find the answers we seek, not without.

The Eye Of Horus is the epitomistic symbol of inner wisdom, inner light, third eye, intuition, higher-self, our physical body’s manifestation of Our Divine Source, God.

The Eye of Horus – Origins of the Name

“The Eye of Horus was originally called ‘Wedjat’, with ‘Wadjet’, ‘Udjat’ and ‘Wedjoyet’ being variations of the pronunciation. The eye itself was considered a personification of a goddess with that name.

Her name stems from ‘wadj’, the word for ‘green’ and she was called ‘the green one’. Records of her existence as an object of worship predates the existence of almost all of the other gods of the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

The renowned “per-nu” shrine of the Nile delta was considered to be under her protection. Wadjet was also the tutelary deity of lower Egypt.

There are six elements; one each for the five senses of human perception and the last for thought:

  • Thought is represented by the eyebrow, sitting above the eye like the brain does. (Claircognizance)
  • The pupil represents sight as it is the aperture through which the light we see passes (Clarivoyance)
  • The triangular shape between the pupil and the inside of the eye symbolizes hearing. (Clairaudience)
  • The triangular shape between the pupil and the outside of the eye represents the sense of smell. (Clairsalience)
  • The sweeping, spiral-ended curve is taken to be an illustration of the tongue and the sense of taste. (Clairgustance)

Some scholars believe that the individual elements of the Egyptian Eye are representations of the unit fractions ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 (which are 1 divided by the first six powers of 2). It also ties in to the inherent structure of the ‘Golden Ratio’ which we see materialized in nature so often.

They attributed that remaining, indecipherable and unknowable portion to magic.

Blog: Mathematical Representatio Of Eye Of Horus
The Eye of Horus: The structure is associated with the Golden Ratio1 (Image 1)

The Egyptian Eye of Horus

We now live in an age where science gives us answers to questions to which the wisest of the wise were not privy even quite recently.

While advantageous as a repository of facts, this approach robs us of the wonder that surrounds those cultures of old, cultures which continue to fascinate us today specifically because they were not sterilized of their mysticism.

Ancient peoples were far more curious about, and perceptive of, their environment and the workings of the natural world around them than the average person today.

It is for that sense of wonder in their lives that the eye is a recurring theme in ancient symbology. The five senses with which we perceive all of existence around us held great wonder for people long ago, and the sense of sight was perhaps the one most highly regarded of them all.2

From here it is important to note that all religion is interrelated, there are commonalities across the board, they were merely derived and inspired on different parts of the planet, but at the heart, religion and/or esoteric beliefs were meant to bring us together in harmony, to learn how to live together as a community.

At this point we will discuss “Matthew 6:22: ‘“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’

How does a “single eye” make one’s body full of light? And what is the “single eye,” anyway? (this would imply that) Jesus was referring to some esoteric wisdom here that supersedes anything traditional religion can offer.  The Eye of Horus is not just an ancient symbol carved into the side of a temple. It has a physical reality inside of you, the real holy temple.

As you can see, the Eye of Horus sits in your skull and makes up part of your physical brain. It consists of two very important glands, the pineal and the pituitary, and also the thalamus, which appears like an actual eye. This trinity, and especially the pineal gland, has also been called the third eye.

Blog: Eye Of Horace, Pineal, Pituitary, Thalamus
Pineal, Pituitary, Thalamus Glands: Looks an awful lot like The Eye of Horus (Image 2)


Why would the ancient Egyptians care about this region of the brain? Two words: higher consciousness.

Back to Matthew 6:22, When Jesus said, if your eye be single, he meant that you are seeing spiritually, which is an intuitive/psychic vision present after the activation of this region of your brain. ‘Then thy whole body be full of light,’ simply implies that you have then manifested the EL (god) potential within you. The Bible also states that God is light. If your whole body becomes ‘full of light’ (the light) then you have manifested the Divine Christ within you and you become a walking Elohim.”3

Each of us carries this higher consciousness within allowing us to access multidimensional/interdimensional space through our consciousness, not only via space-time, but also time-space.  The consciousness is the key to accessing higher consciousness, higher light which is necessary to raise ones’ vibration. The higher the vibration the greater the access to information, knowledge, the universe and all the gifts afforded us by birthright.  Though, we must do the work to access this wisdom, we must balance our energy and our intention must be rooted in the alpha(the beginning) and the omega (the highest). This is not a request or an obligation, it is a journey.

As we once again delve into the Bible we see that, “the same formula is conveyed in the Old Testament story of Jacob who becomes Israel. Recall where he wrestled with God and prevailed. How does a human wrestle with God and prevail? The secret is the location of the wrestling match; it’s all inside the Eye of Horus region of your brain. Want scriptural proof? Jacob named the location of his wrestling match Peniel, which means face of God. Peniel is just another spelling for Pineal, a gland in the Horus region that acts as a gateway between your physical and spiritual self.

Another way to see what Jesus’ saying and the story of Jacob means is to understand that when the physical and spiritual man become one, you are awakened, thus removing the veil. Then a new creative potential becomes awakened within you.

Esoteric literature hints at certain glands in the Eye of Horus region that take place in (a) marriage, i.e. the Upanishad is filled with symbolism that explains how kundalini rises up the spine and splits into a positive and negative charge. As it enters the chakra region associated with the third eye, the positive/male energy strikes the pineal gland and the negative / female energy strikes the pituitary gland. This causes the cosmic marriage and subsequent birth of the Christ within us as hormones are mixed in a sort of divine cocktail. Some believe that since the pineal gland is the gateway to the spiritual self, it is through this portal that higher consciousness is properly channeled when Kundalini is raised. Some conclude that the pineal gland must first be activated causing a secretion of a milky substance which then impregnates the pituitary gland. In turn, this gland then releases more hormones.

This lines up perfectly with the Bible. Psalm 23:5 states:

“Thou anoinest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.”

Esoterically this scripture is talking about the hormonal secretions within the brain that take place as the Holy Ghost (prana and chi) rise up the spine and enter the glandular system in our skulls.

The physical body is a highly complex electromagnetic field, and certain EM frequencies have a harmonizing effect on the brain as a whole. The synchronization of complex glands affects consciousness in profound ways. And since the body is an electromagnetic field, rituals such as meditation, mantras, and visualization must all produce certain waves and frequencies that, when done properly, can help to harmonize the different areas of the brain and produce the divine marriage within.

It is my belief that higher consciousness (your higher self) wishes to manifest in the physical realm. The physical body is the vehicle for this process. However, it has to mature to a certain point before it is ready. Physical processes and conscious experiences are responsible for bringing this higher awareness into the body to be lived out here on earth and expressed! Higher consciousness will ultimately be expressed through creative processes that utilize more love, joy, and peace towards our fellow man, animals, and the earth itself. It is our duty and job to then work towards this awesome calling.”4

There is so much more to learn and embrace about the Eye of Horus, spirituality and our inner Divinity.  I encourage you to do your own research on whatever inspires you and become the master of your path to your soul purpose.


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Image 1 Credit: Wikimedia Commons: File:Oudjat.SVG

Image 2 Credit: Medicine Moggy: “Endocrine System Overview”

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