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Divergence, Transcendence and Judgement (02/04/2023)

There are a variety of topics discussed in this video, but they all return to the same topic, divergence and judgement, for lack of a better term. We are at a place of divergence, transcendence and judgement. This video discusses information that has come through intuitively in many modalities but it is the synchronistic nature of these messages that make them undeniable and provide confirmation, for me personally. If you choose to watch this video, it is important for you to connect to the Divine and listen to your own intuition. It is up to you to discern where you are energetically and move forward from that place. This video is about conveying information, nothing more, nothing less. Empower yourself through your connection with the Divine, with God, live from your heart, from a place of sincerity, unconditional love, tolerance and compassion, be a paladin of love and light, honor your Divine roots and the Light within.


Transformers Age of Extinction Gif Stanley Tucci

Men in Black 3

Connecting to the Collective Consciousness via Elephant Journal

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Apples and Oranges by Mike via What Does it Mean to Serve God

*Note: The Apples and Oranges article also references ‘Harvest.”

Dresden Image: Remembering Dresden: 70 Years After the Firebombing by Alan Taylor via The Atlantic

Lush nature image: Laminated Tropical Jungle Rainforest Footpath Landscape Photo Photograph Rain Forest Stream Water Rocks Lush Foliage Tree Canopy Green Leaves Branches Moss Ferns Hiking Poster

“Beautiful Hike ” seashore Image:

Cepheus Constellation image: March Astronomical Highlights: Cepheus and a Distant Star, Illustration by Jazziell/iStock

Nordic Image: Social Classes in Viking Society – In Vikings by Skjalden via Nordic Culture

The Days of Noah: The Flood Part 1

The Three Angels Proclamation via Bible Gateway
Revelation 14:6-12

Revelation 14:15 via Bible Gateway

Beautiful Chaos – Flower Symbolism

Cultural Traditions of Native American Hunting and Gathering via Tribal Trade

Native American Image:
What was the Bison Hunt to the Metis? By jhss10yeheecha via jhss10yeheecha Social Studies Blog

Hammer GIF via Tenor

Pixels, the movie image:


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