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Divine Aspects, Time, Why?, How?, Now! (10/16/2022)

This video discusses visions and messages that I received in the past week, unification of beings living on and in Mother Earth, the many aspects of Our Divine Source and the perception of time.


Big Trouble in Little China

The Fifth Element

Story of Early Hinduism and Trimurti on Temple Purohit

Image: Wormhole – Einstein Rosen Bridge

The Charge of the Goddess translated by Doreen Valiente

Urgent message for those addressing the failing Cabal

Clear, Centered and Balance Energy is Paramount In This Moment of Transcendence (04/17/2022)

Setting an Intention When Clearing Your Energy (04/23/2022)

Quantum Consciousness and Manifesting, Matching Vibrations and Connecting Consciousness (04/30/2022)

#DivineIridescence #DivineLove #DivineInspiration #Eira

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