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Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Warrior Energy and Resurrection (08/20/2022)

These are challenging times to witness, but they are a necessary part of our process of transition, change. We cannot build this new earth with the current infrastructures in place. Therefore, they must be removed. During this process of change, the old will be removed, allowing something new to take its place. Humanity is building new earth. Remembering our history is an important part of transcendence, for those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

We will rebuild new earth atop the old, as the past is our foundation. These tough lessons have provided us wisdom and taught us compassion. We will use this knowledge and compassion to teach and guide other worlds through their own experiences, for eventually, all worlds will know the depth and breadth of emotion, creation, and the gifts afforded.


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(There is a discussion of “The Seed,” humanity seeding the Universe in this video.)

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