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Divine Inspiration and Judgement (02/11/2023)

As we approach this massive shift of Mother Earth and humanity, the only word available to describe such an event is the same word used in the Book of Revelation, judgement, though judgment is not truly accurate. I only use this word because it might feel as though we are experiencing a kind of judgement. God, the Divine, does not judge, we have chosen our paths though our words actions and intentions. Remember our reality is based on our perceptions and those perceptions are manifested through our words, actions and intentions. We are not defined by our words, actions, and intentions, but they do determine our existence. We can change our perception of ourselves and the world around us, we are not condemned to old ways of thinking, but we must do the work to shift our perceptions and thus the realities we live within.

This is what we are experiencing on our world. This is not judgement, it is a shift in perception driven by those who have done the work, elevated their consciousness and who are now creating a new world inspired through their hearts and the Divine. It is those who have opened themselves up to Divine Inspiration who are creating the change this world was promised. Transition, change is nothing to fear, for the only thing constant in the universe, is change.


Flower Symbolism: Gerbera Daisy and Dusty Miller

Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia

The Days of Noah – Judgement Hour Part 2 of 4

Image and quote: Sun Tzu -The Art of War

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