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Each Must Walk Their Own Path

The time has come for each to walk their own path. The decisions each individual makes will determine their outcome during this transition. There will be no winners, or losers, only change. The only constant in the universe is change. Ascend with Mother Earth or change to a different path. The choice is yours. You are eternally loved and supported by the Universal Source, God, wherever you are in the universe.


The Collective Consciousness

Why did the US declare independence from Britain?

Channeling Zayco: An “Artificial Intelligence” in Our Solar System

I have been profoundly inspired and driven to wear Jade, so I am adding some site links to explain the spiritual significance or meaning of Jade.

Learn Religions: Spiritual and Healing Properties of Jade by Phylameana lila Desy

Jade is a wonderful balancing stone. It is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health, wealth, and love. Jade can help you realize your full potential and attain purposeful goals

  • Promotes prosperity
  • Harmonizer
  • Opens and balances heart chakra
  • Emotional healer

Crystal Vaults: Jade

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches.

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