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Embracing the Lessons of This 3-D World, Then Letting Go (11/27/2022)

In these moments of profound change, what do you see, feel and know? How do you translate the events occurring in the world around you? Can you embrace the lessons or do you only see pain, sorrow, manipulation, tragedy? We are moving through a time of reconciliation. The Christian bible calls this process of revelation through tribulation. What were the promises of God, the Divine? What were the expectations placed before humanity? Have you fulfilled your commitments that ensure the fulfillment of God’s covenant as put forth through the dogma of Christianity? From a more esoteric perspective, have you embraced a lifestyle that values an ideology of, “Do no harm?” Do you value using your gifts to protect those who cannot or will not protect themselves? Have you offered assistance to those in need because it’s the right thing to do? Do you honor the greater good from the heart center and have you released the ego?

This time is complex, convoluted and is being directed by Divine Source Energy, the Source of All Creation. The idea of separation is fading and Unity Consciousness is the prevailing force of thought. Resistance to transcendence was inevitable, the process is arduous, but nonetheless, necessary.

This video discusses perspectives in our connections to the people in our lives. This web of interconnectedness is a necessary part of path and purpose. In this video, I talk about how all the positive and negative experiences in life have a purpose. These lessons provide the opportunities to experience life and balance our karma. We begin to know and understand good/bad, light/dark, positive/negative as constructs in this journey of self discovery.


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