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Equalizing and Balancing Connections Across the Universe, The Grumblings of Mother Earth (10/02/2022)

This weeks video starts with a message I received as soon as I completed my last video. We must balance the karma of Mother Earth. The worlds we have conquered as part of this negative energy’s contract with the draconian energy obligates humanity, Universally, to free these worlds. There is now a quantum entanglement between Earth and these oppressed societies. We must release the negativity by aiding in the release of these worlds from bondage. In fulfilling this obligation we will create healthy connections, entanglements.

Further, there is a discussion on the transition of Mother Earth, as a living body. As we transition, so does she, as she transitions, so do we. Through our commitment to path and purpose, we are able to unify and create protective fields. These will be difficult times, but our commitment to Unification provides emancipation and protection. Additionally, we will begin to experience changes in the geography of the planet. No specific messages on what the final outcome will be, but we will definitely begin to experience grumblings as precursors to profound change in the Earth’s crust.


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Image: Heart of Texas

Song: Heart of Texas

The Wild Unknown: Archetypes

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34:17 – snap
18:21 – dog
22:06 – crow

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