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Expansive State Of Consciousness, pillars of creation and titans (05/05/2023)

This is a time of expansion for humanity and the planet. It is undeniable and we will begin to see the changes needed for this world to survive.

This video discusses the “shadow side,” please be aware, there are some topics that could be triggering for many still dealing with personal trauma, but the shadow must be discussed. We cannot transition into balance without first facing and releasing the darkness within. We all carry both balanced and unbalanced energy, light and darkness. We must see it, address it, release it, then love ourselves unconditionally. The process of addressing the shadow side as an individual or a collective, currently, on this world, is referred to as tribulation. As we work through the process of tribulation and purge the negativity from our energy field, we begin to feel a lightness, this lightness is the beginning of the process of transcendence. Although, transcendence, change are constantly occurring, there are sign posts that indicate where we are in this process, lightness of being is one of those signs.

This video discusses the expansion of consciousness from the shadow side with the intent of helping us begin to understanding the journey through darkness. This video briefly discusses the first conscious energies in the universe, their struggle, success, journey to self identity, truth, power and ultimately, the journey back to the gift of unconditional love and Unity.

Again, there are some traumatic topics discussed that might trigger some and other topics that do not resonate with others, but I must convey the messages as they come.


03:30 – 04/30/2023 – During the editing of the last video – Zeta Reticuli
11:25 – 04/30/2025 – Lightworker going into darkness
24:17 – 05/02/23 – Divinity, The Source, The Creator of All Things, IS All Things
40:43 – 05/02/23 – Primordial energy and the 7 pillars/titans
49:13 – 05/03/2023 – Our vibration is rising
54:52 – 05/03/2023 -Visions

Powerful energy, powerful transitions, powerful messages (04/29/2023)

Excalibur – Directed by John Boorman

Uncle Billy image – via Stars on

Uncle Billies strings via Bigbossman067

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