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Explanation of “The Now,” Time-Space, Space-Time & The Role of the Alpha Draco Collective, RADIANCE

I have been guided to explain the idea or construct of time and space, matter and energy as it exists in our reality. I have discussed, there is only “Now” in this time and space. All reality is created from our consciousness. This video explains what that means in greater depth. Additionally, the Alpha Draco Collective, Radiance, came through this week to discuss their role in our transcendence and what that means for us.


Observing The Universe Really Does Change The Outcome, And This Experiment Shows How

Michio Kaku – The Big Think – Videos providing an introduction to Quantum Theory, a starting place

Stargate: movie trailer

Emery Smith: videos

Cosmic Disclosure via Gaia

Luciano Pavarotti – The Best: Rigoletto: “La Donna E Mobile”

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