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Floral Arrangment: Gerbera Daisies, Coriander, Corncockle Significance

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Reconciling these flowers. What is their spiritual significance in this moment, at this time for Earth.


This flowers in this arrangement took time to select. After choosing the colors and flowers, how to arrange them became a challenge. When researching the symbolism, I found parallels to my last YouTube video ( The Coriander(healing herb) and Corncockle (weed in wheat fields) represent the positive and negative polarities being reconciled, physically in the vase, metaphorically on Earth. The Gerbera daisy representing the joy and happiness to follow.

GERBERA DAISIES: have several meanings, but all lean to happiness. The Egyptian meaning of gerberas is closeness to nature and devotion to the sun. The Celts believed that the gerbera would lessen the sorrows and stresses of everyday life. Any type of daisy equals truth or happiness of children.
The symbolism of the gebera daisy is the simple beauty of a very happy life. Throughout history, the gerbera daisy has symbolized the innocent hearts of children, attributed to the white gerbera, and, happiness and gratefulness for the life you have been given. The meaning is more energized then contentedness or mellowness. It is happiness that bubbles, fizzes and pops with joyous surprises. There is an energetic playfulness to these flowers, which is evident in all their radiant colors. These are not flowers for regrets. These flowers are a celebration of life!

* Orange: sunshine of life
* Red: unconscious in love or fully immersed in love
* White: purity or innocence, childlike
* Pink: admiration, adoration or high esteem
* Yellow: cheerfulness

CORIANDER: is steeped in history and magic. Many claim it has supernatural powers to cure the ill and revive the exhausted. Coriander seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs, used in wine for centuries and the book of numbers compares Coriander with manna or life force.
Packed full of anti-oxidants, Coriander herb my reduce swelling, acting as an anti-inflammatory. Due to it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, it helps fight infection and lower blood sugar levels. The essential oil from Coriander (Citronellol) is used as an antiseptic are rich and abundant in antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-infectious and detoxifying materials, improving eye health, digestion, and conjunctivitis. Coriander is truly a medicinal plant with the benefits of purifying, detoxifying and preserving good health.
SPIRITUAL MEANING: Coriander invites peace and love, settling a broken heart and easing the pain of loss.

COMMON CORNCOCKLE: Used to be considered a weed in wheat fields before the advent of pesticides.…/2020/06/11/common-corncockle/
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