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Flower Arrangement and Symbolism – October 23, 2021

Flower Symblism - Lily Wax Flower Holly
Lilies, Wax Flowers, Ilex Berries (Holly)



  • Femininity
  • Purity and Modesty
  • Love and Romance
  • Death and Grief

WHITE: Symbolizes Purity and Modesty/Grief White lilies are commonly seen in funerals, but also at weddings, which is a bit of a contradiction, but it just goes to show their highly symbolic status.

For funerals, lilies depict a level of grief but also a hope that the person’s soul is traveling to heaven. They are ought to be this “guiding” symbol that would transfer the loved one’s soul to heaven.

Lilies are also used for weddings, and they are closely tied to purity and modesty. They depict a strong connection between the loved ones and a strong but pure bond that is to last forever.

ORANGE: Symbolizes Energy and Warmth If we grant someone a bouquet of orange lilies, it means we’re very grateful to them for something they’ve done for us. Sometimes though, orange lilies are seen in funerals, especially if it’s for a person who had very warm energy about them, and a sense of positivity.

PINK: Symbolizes Love and Romance They are the symbol of love and affection towards someone and in a romantic way.

PURPLE: Symbolizes Royalty and Pride

RED: Symbolizes Passion

WAX FLOWER Symbolizes  wealth and protection.

ILEX BERRIES (Holly) Symbolize: endurance

Holly brings life and creativity during difficult and challenging times. As an evergreen, holly reminds us of our inner strength and endurance so we may achieve our goals and make them real.

The ancient Romans saw holly as the sacred plant of Saturn (Roman god of harvest). (Saturn will be direct in Aquarius this new moon.)

Holly reminds us to believe in ourselves and to connect with our inner strength as we move through difficult times in our life. By knowing that everything eventually comes full-circle we can see the potential that lies ahead. This is a time of positive action and endurance that will actually help us achieve a long-term goal.

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