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Flower symbolism for this week’s bouquet – August 13, 2021

Flower Symbolism - Thistle, China Aster
This weeks bouquet – thistle and china aster


I have been admiring, what I know now to be southern globethistle, for the past week. Everything about it resonated with me and after reading about the symbolism, how appropriate! The thistle is nestled among china aster (peony duchess).
THISTLE: Endurance, Unity, Victory
Thistle’s (Onopordum acanthium) main claim to fame is being the national symbol for Scotland. Scottish thistles became the badge to the Stuart clan, a marker for Scottish currency and even appears where Mary Queen of Scots lies in her tomb.
Throughout Celtic regions thistle represents bravery, devotion, durability, strength and determination. Canadian thistle is a little different. It has become a bane due to incredibly aggressive roots that take over entire areas. The sturdy, forceful nature of this flower adds to the traditional symbolism of the Scottish thistle for overcoming even the most stalwart enemy.
While the top of a thistle plant is purple it is impossible to overlook their green leaves especially when staring across field banks throughout Scotland. Starting with that emerald hue, it symbolizes creating a balance between our head and heart. While we might want to get prickly like the thistle, it’s ok to be “pretty” too. Green naturally sends out peaceful energies. It offers the characteristics of good advice, listening skills and helpfulness to others. Perhaps this is why people in Scotland are known for their hospitality world-round. Green is the color of sharing, trust, nature and stability. Combine this with purple’s transcendent, introspective nature and you have a lot of good vibes with which to work when communing with Thistle. Where green unites emotions and thoughts, purple unites the physical with spiritual. So while working inwardly the Thistle spirit also guides you outwardly and upward toward higher consciousness, psychic abilities and toward enlightenment. Green and purple together harmonize with humanitarians, leaders and visionary artists.
Numerology: Three and Thistle both say: Believe in the good you can do and keep your humor intact.
CHINA ASTER: The main meanings of Aster flower are:
• Love of variety
• Daintiness
• Elegance
• Patience
• Afterthought
Daintiness of Aster flower signifies gentle and kind personality, someone who is almost fragile. Aster will help you and the other side overcome eventual tough period easier. Aster flower’s connection with patience is famous through centuries.
We all have those moments when we remember things or people that don’t exist anymore. Our emotions towards them are strong, so if you want to let out all the sorrow and pain, make sure you take Aster flower to a grave of someone you were close to and whose departure was much hurtful. On the other side, if you want to say farewell or goodbye to someone who is going away or someone who won’t exist on this planet anymore, get Aster flowers bouquet.
Aster flower represents the eye of Christ in France. The French laid these flowers on the graves of dead soldiers, as this flower signifies remembrance, but also helps you say goodbye to people who are not with you anymore.
White Aster flowers, as white color symbolizes purity, innocence, faith, and spirituality. The white Aster will bring in pure and good energy in your oasis, your home.
China aster [Callistephus chinensis(L.)Nees.] is native of China. The genus Callistephus derives its name from two Greek words ‘Kalistos’ and ‘Stephos’ meaning ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL’ and ‘A CROWN’, respectively. China aster is one of the most preferable flower crops cultivated.
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