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Flower Symbolism: Larkspur, Queen Anne’s Lace, Globe Allium, Drumstick Allium

This weeks flower arrangement, larkspur, Queen Anne’s lace, globe allium and drumstick allium.

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Larkspur, Queen Anne’s lace, Globe Allium, Drumstick Allium



  • Love
  • Affection
  • Strong Attachment
  • Lightness
  • Pure Heart
  • Sweet Disposition
  • Desire for Laughter

A Christian Legend states that after the crucifixion, Christ was moved to a cave and a boulder was placed in front of the door. While many doubted that he would rise again, a tiny bunny tried to remind them of Christ’s promise. When all ignored him, the bunny waited in the dark until Christ arose. The bunny spoke to Christ and rejoiced that he had kept his promise. Christ knelt down, showed the bunny a tiny blue larkspur flower, and told the bunny to behold the image of the bunny’s face in the flower. The face of the bunny in the larkspur flower symbolizes trusting in Christ and remains a symbol today.

  • Pink: Fickleness
  • White: Happiness
  • Purple: First Love

The larkspur flower’s message is uplifting and joyous.


The flower has been used to signify the purity of intentions. It is associated with safety and refuge. the curling of their flower heads is often likened to a bird’s nest, which reminds us of the love and commitment it takes to build a happy home. It is also associated with lust and fertility.

Queen Anne’s Lace represents sanctuary.


The allium flower means unity, humility and patience. The Latin root of the word onion, “unio,” means ONE or UNITY, and the plant was given this name because it grows from a single bulb.

Allium flowers are members of the lily family.

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