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Flower Symbolism: “Mini” Carnation, Sweet William, Easter Lily

Flower Mini Carnation
“Mini” Carnation, Sweet William, Easter Lily


The flower selections have reduced considerably, but this week there were a few that caught my eye, “mini” carnation, sweet william (both species of dianthus) and easter lily. (Curious that the green tufts were identified as easter lilies on my plant identification app.)

Sweet william and carnation flowers belong to the DIANTHUS genus which translates as “DIVINE FLOWER.”

SWEET WILLIAM: has multiple symbolisms, largely associated with the flower of the gods. Other meanings include passion, admiration, gratitude, and love. Sweet william is one of a handful of species, with the flower meaning masculinity. This symbolism could be because of the flower’s associations with courage, bravery, and war.

The Dianthus flower, meaning in Victorian times, is gallantry. It represented heroic bravery, noble-minded behavior, and dashing courage.

Sweet william represents finesse and perfection.

WHITE dianthus flowers send the message, “You’re sweet.” This color is also symbolic of pure love, innocence, luck, talent, and purity.

EASTER LILY: symbolism appears frequently in Christianity. Easter lilies symbolize purity, hope, innocence, and virtue.

They represent the purity of Jesus, who was free from sin. Easter lilies are also a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Lilies are mentioned in Matthew 6:28 and Luke 12:27. It is in these passages where God asks his disciples to “consider the lilies in the field”.

These passages encourage God’s followers not to worry about material possessions and needs. The passages say that God will provide for all His followers, just as He did for the lilies in the field.

It asks for faith in God’s ability to provide, and encourages releasing worry about matters in His hands.

Lilies are one of only three flowers mentioned in the bible. The other two flowers mentioned are roses, and crocus (a member of the Iris family).

The Easter lily meaning is to serve as a reminder of the purity, innocence and virtue of Jesus. They also represent his sacrifice, and are a symbolic representation of his resurrection. The meaning of the Easter lily is also a reminder to have hope that miracles can happen, as is evident from Jesus’s resurrection.

CARNATION: The spiritual meaning of the carnation is related to abundance, the arrival of something good and moments of joy. Due to its long and significant historical tradition, it is said to symbolize the triumph of good over evil and bravery. It is also associated with eternal and delicate feelings.

The carnation is often given a close relationship with everything positive.

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