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Flower Symbolism – White Daisy, Anthurium, Chrysamthemum

Flower Symbolism
White Daisies, Red Anthurium, White Chrysanthemum

The Anthurium and white Daisy called to me first, the Chrysanthemum needed to be included. The Korean symbolism of the Daisy feels to be sending the greatest message. Just as Korea’s occupation by the Japanese brought great sorrow to its people, this occupation of Mother Earth has brought great sorrow to humanity and all other consciousnesses on this world. Just as the occupation of Korea came to an end, so is this occupation of humanity. We have been broken and bloodied, but we endure. The energies of peace, tranquility, love and abundance manifest in these moments. There is so much good on this world that has been hidden, pushed down, marginalized, it will surface, we will care for one another with childlike purity and innocence, show hospitality to one another across the globe, without restraint. We will heal through unification.


Daisy, a flower of regret for the loss of a country
A sad flower that has become a symbol of loss and filled the fields.

The saddest moment for Koreans was when they lost their country for 35 years. This flower was originally introduced to Korea from Japan. During the Japanese occupation , the seeds were attached to wooden sleepers brought in to lay railway tracks, and the flowers began to bloom alongside the tracks. People were saddened by the collapse of their nation, and they loathed the white flowers that covered the entire land. Hence, they called them mangukcho, signifying ‘a flower that devastates a nation’. Those of us who have overcome pain to become who we are today, it seems as though life is bestowing upon us a shy smile, wishing us to conquer our sorrows and move forward with the beautiful word ‘reconciliation’.
Tarot Commentary Book – 5 of cups

Innocent, pure, hearty and bright in a world battling darkness, emboldened by the eternal love of Our Divine Creator, God. Some days seem fairly calm, others unbearable. The message of the flowers and plants in this arrangement are eternal, unconditional love, strength in adversity, integrity empowering creation.
*This excerpt has since been removed from the webpage, but this is it’s original source.


They are believed to bring peace, tranquility, and positive energy into one’s life. Mum flowers are also associated with the goddess of compassion and healing, Kwan Yin, in many Eastern traditions. They are often used in spiritual practices such as meditation, and their presence is considered a sign of good luck and protection.

According to spiritual beliefs, Anthurium flowers symbolize love, hospitality, and abundance. The heart-shaped spathes of the flowers represent love and affection, while the bright colors of the spathes signify warmth and hospitality. Additionally, the flowers are said to bring abundance and prosperity into one’s life.
Furthermore, Anthurium flowers are believed to have healing properties.
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