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Gratitude, Energetic Attacks, Constructs and Paradigms

Releasing the paradigms we live in, how do we do this? By learning about the history of humanity, life on Earth, seeking truth and opening ourselves up to the possibilities, we begin this journey of self discovery.

This video touches on human history, seeking truth and through self empowerment, finding the key to unification.

Further, there are many modes of influence utilized by this negative energy, one being the conditioning of humanity, trapping us in a lower vibration of fear. How do we begin to release this paradigm? First, we must become aware of the conditioning and the modalities of conditioning utilized to bring awareness, before we can begin to release it.

As we learn about and explore our past, mind-body-spirit, use this knowledge as a tool to understand our place on this world, in this universe, it is part of the natural order that this paradigm will begin to fall away. That does not negate the need for the spiritual work to learn how to maintain clear, centered, balanced energy, but it gives Divinity, The Source of All Creation, God, a platform to work from. We must all contribute to the change we are experiencing, we must commit to Ourselves, the Divine and One Another, fully, as we walk our path and continue on this journey.


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