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Your heart is the pearl I seek

Discovery Park - North Beach
Discovery Park – North Beach – My favorite place to commune with my angels, guides, Divinity and the elementals.


Everywhere I look, I search for you.  I look at the clouds and search for your face, any shape reminiscent of you.  I look at the petals in the flowers as I walk my path searching for the shape of your lips.  I stand in the grass gazing at each blade, hoping to find the perfect shade that opens the window of your soul.  Hope fills my heart as I read the signs of love and light.  It’s just another ending, opening the door to our new beginning.  Do not feel fear for you are never alone.  You have everything you need to move through the closing door toward your hearts’ desire, joy, happiness, unconditional love and acceptance, of all the beauty that lies within, buried, hidden, ready for me to reveal.  I’ve seen you, lived with you, as you, beside you, and you by me, never wavering, steadfast, with strength, compassion, empathy, love, light and laughter.  I sit and wait.  My patience, love, compassion, empathy and understanding project all you need to move through this phase to your true place beside me, enlightened and empowered  by all the love and light Divinity entrusts’ us.  The love that fills us with light will see us through our commitment to one another, this beautiful world and our universe.  Do you feel me?  Can you feel me?  I am here, to love you into our own universe.

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