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Reviving Warmth and Passion – Healing Female Sexuality

 Orange Hibiscus

  • Helpful when there’s an inability to connect with female sexuality; a lack of warmth and vitality. This essence unblocks all the chakras, allowing women to reclaim their sexuality with authenticity, allowing integration of soul warmth and bodily passion, so we feel passionate and excited about life Beneficial when we’ve unconsciously absorbed media images and stereotypes of dehumanised sexuality. Excellent for women and men with sexual issues including the release of trauma due to abuse.
  • The message of this flower is: My cup fills up with love, bringing joy and laughter to the soul.
  • Hibiscus opens us to a broader, less limiting perspective of both our personal and global world.
  • It awakens us to aspects of knowledge and wisdom of our core essence.
  • It helps to restore balance when we’re disoriented by spiritual shock.
  • Hibiscus enables us to release layers of vulnerability that being in physicality have created, including those of past generations. Our body carries these layers like cloaks wrapped around it, from lifetime to lifetime. Unconscious emotions can emerge unexpectedly when we feel vulnerable in areas such as relationships and self-worth and we don’t understand why we feel the way we do.
  • This essence propels us out of being stuck in the pain and suffering of humanity, allowing us to lighten up and experience more joy and laughter. We realise that what’s left are feelings of blissful inner peace as we awaken to the unity of all of creation. It promotes a knowing that ‘All Is Well’.
  • Hibiscus attracts much positive attention and recognition to both you personally and your life’s work.
  • Excellent for creative visualisation and stimulating the imagination as it helps us to come into vibrational alignment with that which is desired. It helps to harness our creative abilities. It gives a positive direction to our life force so that we’re not over or under active in daily life.
  • It attracts more beauty and abundance into our life. It’s excellent for prosperity and easing fears that we will not be supported by the Universe.
  • Hibiscus flowers only last a day indicating the essence helps you move through things rapidly.
  • Hibiscus plants appear to be dying off, yet suddenly they spring back to life again, indicating that their essence can also help you ‘revive’ situations or circumstances that have great value to you.
  • Useful affirmation: ‘I now raise my Divine Self above the limitations of my physicality, tapping into the unlimited knowledge of all of creation. I now move beyond the tears and grief of past generations, experiencing a blissful peace, joy and laughter’

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