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Hippopotamus as a Spirit Totem

Hippopotamus as a Spirit Totem

The hippopotamus spirit animal reminds you that you are born great, and you have the potential to become whoever you want to be. The hippopotamus symbolism demonstrates strength and courage, calmness during times of crisis, maternal instincts, and the ability to navigate through your emotions with clarity.

Common Hippopotamus Spirit Animal Meanings

It shows you that there is no reason to feel bored with your life. You possess creative gifts that allow you to revitalize it when you want to, and you have the freedom to use them to make you feel alive again.

Just like with the heron spirit animal, it also symbolizes the proper use of aggression. There are certain situations where being aggressive can be beneficial, and there are also situations where it can be disadvantageous.  The hippopotamus spirit animal stands for creativity, practicality, and stability. It asks those with this totem to follow your intuition and maintain a grounded and practical lifestyle.

Do this if you see the Hippopotamus Totem in Your Dreams…

Like the appearance of the gorilla, the meaning of the hippopotamus in dreams signifies the need for emotional clearing.

You are feeling emotions that are no longer good for you, and this is the time to release them.

The hippopotamus totem also indicates an emotional turmoil that you are currently going through. It also signifies how you should always remain hopeful because nothing is permanent in this world.

Seeing a group of hippopotamuses suggests that you need to take a break from the daily grind because you are working too hard.

Find time for some rest and relaxation because it will be good for both your body and soul.

The hippopotamus meaning in dreams also symbolizes your personal strength and your aggressive nature. It is a reminder to use your hidden strength to influence and get the best outcomes.

The hippopotamus symbolism in dreams also means that you are being territorial and feeling threatened, and it is in a way similar to the groundhog symbolism.

Someone or something may be backing you into a corner and overstepping their boundaries.

If the Hippopotamus is your Animal Totem, Never do this…

The hippopotamus totem shows that you have the power to control your creative energies.

You decide whether you will use your energies on worthwhile things that will bring you closer to your goals, or whether you will spend them on shallow and meaningless ones.

Your sensibilities will be awakened, and you will find the path that is best suited for you.

Your hippopotamus totem urges you to stay on this path, no matter how challenging it may become, so that you will reach your true destination.

Positive Traits of the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

When you have the hippopotamus spirit animal as a guide, it means you are strong and authoritative. You are highly intuitive with the ability to see the truth beneath the surface.

You speak the truth and act on your intuition. You are also practical when it comes to your life choices and grounded when it comes to your lifestyle.

You are very hardworking, and you don’t stop until you achieve your goals. You are serious about your life, and you have no problems being forceful with people when necessary.

You are adventurous but focused, and ambitious but reserved.  When you’re relaxed, you can be really great to hang out with.

You are good at managing people because you keep your emotional distance. You have good work ethics.

You thrive in jobs that let you work autonomously. You are also very focused on your career, which is usually high profile and has great material success.

Negative Traits of the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal

You can be described as passive, but you can explode in a terrible rage when someone crosses you, or when your buttons are pushed the wrong way.

You deal with plenty of inner conflict but you spend most of your life hiding it from people.

This makes relationships challenging for you and for the people who want to get close to you.

You are stubborn and sometimes judgmental, and you can also be impulsive and reckless when emotional.

Call on your Hippopotamus Spirit Animal when:

  • You are feeling depressed and suffering from low self-esteem.
  • The meaning of the hippopotamus reminds you that there’s no problem in life that you cannot resolve, and that you have the gifts to overcome all of them. It’s important to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and to strike a balance with them so that you can emerge victorious.
  • You are feeling trapped in a situation.
  • The hippopotamus symbolism shows you that you have the power to remove yourself from toxic situations. You possess inner strength, and you can count on your friends and family whenever.
  • You are becoming bored with your life.

It’s your responsibility to create the best and most beautiful life for yourself. Do something different, scary, and bold, and don’t stop challenging yourself!

4 Unusual Facts About Hippopotamus Symbolism

Hippopotamus symbolism has some very distinct features surrounding it, but those features are going to ultimately serve you well in life as long as you are open to the ideas of the hippopotamus spirit animal.

It may eve be possible that you have some pre-conceived ideas as to what this spirit animal would be like, but these facts may offer some clarity on the entire situation.

1. You have real strength and courage.

There is little doubt regarding the strength and raw power of the hippo, and the good news is that hippopotamus symbolism is all about enhancing that as much as possible.

In fact, it is viewed as meaning you have a significant amount of strength and courage surrounding everything that you do.

Also, there is a sense of you remaining calm when faced with any kind of a crisis, which is clearly going to be a positive attribute to bring into your life.

2. You know how to use aggression in a positive way.

There has always been the sense that aggression is bad, but that is only the case when it is not used in the appropriate manner.

This is all about being able to size up a situation and to then know how, or when, a more aggressive point of view is capable of working out better for you.

Also, this means you need to think clearly at all times, or you will end up feeing as if you are making the wrong decisions not only for now, but possible in the near future as well.

3. There might be some emotional clearing required.

If the hippo does indeed come into our dreams, then the future and what it means to you as an individual is going to become clearer within a short period of time.

However, there will often be a sense that you will need to go through some emotional clearing in order to make progress.

This is not something that you should fear as it will certainly prove to be quite beneficial to you in the long-term.

4. You are grounded and stable.

Hippopotamus symbolism is also going to represent you being very grounded and stable in your thoughts.

Rashness is not on your agenda, and you have a tendency to weigh things up in a logical manner before making your decisions as to what to do.

Furthermore, you are also viewed as being creative and practical, which also helps in keeping you so grounded and able to avoid becoming flustered when you are faced with a difficult situation.

Overall, hippopotamus symbolism is really connected to the idea of you being in control of your emotions and knowing when to use particular traits at the correct time in order to get the kind of result that you have been looking for.

This is not some cumbersome idea that just appears to use brute force.

It is symbolising something that is more gentle and thoughtful than that, which is a surprise to those that have never experienced this kind of thing before.

My final thoughts on the Hippopotamus Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

The meaning of the hippopotamus encourages you to take the time to express yourself and explore within. When life gets monotonous, you have the power to stir things up and start anew.

Dream your dreams and get started on them using fresh new ideas and methods. Know that you have everything you will ever need, and you have the full support of your friends and loved ones!

The Hippopotamus Spirit Animal by Imelda

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