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Humanity’s Path to Grounding and Reconnecting with the Emotional Body and Heart (05/22/2022)

This video discusses the raptors and Gladiolus’ (beings in the water) role in relation to humanity and transcendence. We are partners in the evolution of not only this world, but of the universe. We are called to action as lighworkers and beings of love and light in the universe. We must awaken to our purpose and walk our path. It is time. If you are not ready, there is someone or something else that will take your place, there is always a Plan B. Mother Earth is transcending, the lightworkers who have been activated, those who are walking their path and purpose, transcend with her.

I was dealing with many energetic attacks during the making of this video, but the message is clear. Awaken to your path and purpose, walk your path, be a paladin of love and light, transcend with Mother Earth.


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#Divineiridescence #ObedientOnlyToUnity #Eira

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