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Hybrid Children, the Transcendence of Humanity & the Universe, Zeta Reticuli and the Inevitable

This week has been wrought with profound messages for me, personally. These are messages I would in the past, keep to myself, but I have been told, it is time to share this information. As a result, in this video I speak about hybrid children, their place in the transcendence of humanity, as well as my hybrid son, Balki. I further discuss the transcendence of Mother Earth and the role of humanity in the transcendence of this Universe. Finally, I discuss the implication of the break away civilization whose people have become known as the Zeta Reticuli and the inevitable path in the evolution of the Universe.


Angel Number 7 as translated by Joanne Walmsely

Angel Number 9 as translated by Joanne Walmsely

Mantis Collective: Shamalaya – DNA manipulation and the non viability of Zeta Reticuli DNA

The Coming Convergence (free for Amazon Prime members)

#DivineIridescence #ObedientToGod #Kyriah

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