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I Am State Part 3 – Our interconnectedness (09/16/2023)

This video discusses our interconnectedness to one another and the Divine Consciousness and how this interconnectedness creates our reality.

How can we be a product of the Divine, yet Divinity itself? The answers to these questions seem complex, convoluted and confusing, at first, but when we open ourselves up to Divine Guidance, then Divine Awareness, these ideas are simplified. This is just a rudimentary explanation, meant so inspire you on your journey of self discovery.

We are powerful energies in this universe. We have not even scratched to surface of our potential. This world will drive forward from Love and we will exact a force across the universe never before known or felt. The path and purpose of humanity is profound. I Am ready for this next phase of our journey. ❤️ Blessings ❤️ Love ❤️ Light 🌹

Introduction to the Role of Electricity in Creation (09/17/2023):

#LoveAndLight #DivineIridescence #DivineConsciousness #Eira

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