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I Am the Creator of Every Thought and Millisecond of My Existence (03/16/2024)

This video discussed visions and messages I’ve received over the past week. It also expands on how karma is encoded in our DNA and the implications, creation vs. co-creation and the beginning of the deconstruction of duality as we enter this next level of consciousness.

Please note that whatever I discuss in these videos is authentically, my journey. Any information that you feel resonates with you, please carry and transmute at your will. We are here to support one another on this journey. I am not here to tell you how to walk our path, only to walk with you, should you desire it.

00:33 – March 11, 2024 – Our Karma emanating from our field draws our experiences to us.

04:36 – March 11, 2024 – Co-creation vx. Creation

09:49 – March 13, 2024 – Epiphany of Yin Yang vision

Corey Good – Cosmic Disclosure – You’ll have to find alternate resources to watch the original Cosmic Disclosures with Corey Goode and David Wilcock.

The episodes with Cory Goode are no longer aired on Gaia
Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia

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Michael Jaco
The Intuitive Warrior

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Dragon Image 4

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Dragon and Unicorn image

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Arianrhod image from Goddess – Knowledge Cards by Susan Seddon Boulet and Michael Babcock

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