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I have a soul. Does “it” have a soul too?

Live And Love Fully
Live and love fully

The Universe is pure energy. Everything in existence in the universe is energy.  I refer to this energy as the gift of love and light or love and light.  The soul itself, in its singular form, purest form, is absolute love and light.  The physical form carries the burdens and joys of that incarnation.  From this point, it is important to understand and reconcile that literally everything we perceive as existing in the material world, on the material plane, is a product of energy and therefore, infused with or a creation of love and light.  The gift of love and light that comprises physical objects, animate or inanimate, constitutes the soul of that object.  Therefore, everything has a soul.  Everything is connected and we are all accountable to one another.  Dream the world in which you wish to live into reality.  Live in and love the world around you fully.  Demonstrate compassion, empathy, patience, humility, forgiveness in every action and interaction.  Be a paladin of love and light.


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  1. Thanks for the heads of light which has guided me out of my most darkest season that had lasted commenced before I were comcieved in my Mother’s womb.
    Sincere Thanks

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