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I Know This to be True…

I Am Everything, Everywhere. I Permeate All Things. Unified Always, Never Apart. I Bring Love And Light To A World Of Discord.
I am everything, everywhere and nowhere. I permeate all things. Unified always, never apart. I bring love and light to a world of discord.

To withhold information to protect an individual or child is not rational as knowledge empowers that individual, that child.  To withhold knowledge is to disempower, keeping the individual, the child in the darkness.  To impart a mere portion of this knowledge will continue the sentence of darkness to the individual, the child.  Therefore, the inhabitants, beings of love and light, The Source of Creation have determined that full disclosure is our path and will be the final outcome.  There will be no war, there will be no battle for fear, anger, resentment, revenge empower the darkness.  There will only be the energy of Love and Light emanating from our collective conscious.  A transition whose foundation comes from Our Divine Creator, Love and Light, Our Universe, Us.  This I know to be true for I Am awake. #loveandlight #divinityslove #spirituallife #paladinofloveandlight

The Universal Spiritual Laws as translated by Joanne Walmsley


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