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Introduction to the Role of Electricity in Creation (09/16/2023):

We sit in the in-between as the planet transitions. We have maintained clarity, set intentions and now we sit, open to guidance, experiencing divergence from our unique perspectives. We allow the Divine, Father Sun, and Transcending Humanity to support Mother Earth as she moves through this massive transition. She is moving into balance, we poise ourselves to begin our collective lightwork to heal our Mother.

Perception is unique, but know, whatever your perception, our Mother is being restored to her natural state, her nurturing glory. She will care for us and we will care for her.

This video discusses a sequence of visions I had this past week, revealing a part of this process of transcendence, fertilization, gestation leading to rebirth.

Gifford Pinchot NF

Light in The Darkness (09/03/2023)

I Am State Part 3 (Our interconnectedness?)

Building Blocks Post via Instagram

Torus Images:

Via Tenor created by Gifs4uStore

Via Tenor created by peopleareawesome

The Wild Unknown: Archetypes

The Significance of Trimurti in Hinduism


How to Sit Indian Stye for Beginners via Healthy Living

Astral body silhouette in lotus pose practicing yoga against cosmic background via

Hand over stormy lightning sky via

Kuru-Kuru via Pinterest

Tree being struck by lightening via Flickr

The Ever Moving Electricity via Flickr

New Strains of Diseases and Static Electricity Via Pyroenergen

New Hope for Infertile Men via SciTechDaily

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