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It’s Time: The Spark of Creation (06/20/2022)

Consider, the spark of creation, and what that means, the expectation and obligation we have as humans incarnating on Mother Earth, the transition and transcendence of Mother Earth and humanity, releasing paradigms to create a new reality.

We all are expected to meet certain obligations based on agreements we made about what we would accomplish in this lifetime. Our words, actions, thoughts that have placed us on our path or derailed us from it have determined where we are in this process and we proceed from this place.

As we release the old paradigms, old ways of thinking and doing, we open ourselves up and empower ourselves to create a new reality for all beings, all energy on Mother Earth. We simultaneously free Mother Earth from the tyranny of those paradigms. We are the stewards of life on this world as well as Mother Earth. We transition to a place of unconditional love, care of community and the honoring of all life. This is 3 of the main components of transcendence. There are many more, but once you know how to live from your heart, from unconditional love, all else flows smoothly.


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