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Lightworkers: Our Divine Creators’ Earthbound Angels

Lightworkers Are Our Divine Creators' Earthbound Angels
Lightworkers are Our Divine Creators’ Earthbound Angels

In this emergent time, Lightworkers are called upon to help humanity during our ascension.  We are called to help the beings of Mother Earth relinquish the fear imposed upon us by the dogma of politics, societal structure, organized religion, science, education, etc.  The request has been made to aide humanity and bring clarity and perspective in a shifting paradigm.  Our perception of our world is changing.  Our perception of our place in this world is being transformed.  Our understanding of our place in the universe is moving into view and our outlook on our role and impact on the universe is coming into focus.

As this shift in our paradigm occurs, humanity will experience what pop-culture refers to as “End-Times Madness,” but this is not true madness.  This is a profound emotional state brought about by a shifting perspective and awareness, our awakening, our ascension.  This profound emotional state will mark the prevailing process and transition of the energy of humanity to a higher consciousness, a higher vibration.  It will reveal not only how the good, but the negative energy we put out into the world and thereupon, the universe affects us all, the collective, not just the one, the self.  This truth will be difficult for many to reconcile, hence “End-Times Madness.”

We, the Lightworkers, the awakened, those who are the first to ascend, are called upon to help those resistant to this energetic shift, those holding onto the fear imposed by the dogma of this world.  God loves all unconditionally.   Our Divine Creator forgives unconditionally.  The Universal Source supports us all from a place of love and light.  Use the modality of your choosing to be a paladin of love and light.  Aide those open to healing through this transition of our world, Mother Earth, the beings of love and light who call her home, from your heart center, and always remember, love empowers the light.

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