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Mother Earth moves into balance

Blog - Thy Will Be Done: Fire Goddess
Thy will be done…


The decision has been made. Mother Earth moves into balance. Thy will of all living beings, energies, consciousness of Earth be done. There is no “power” in the universe able to override or redirect this outcome. There is nothing to fear. We all rest in the arms of Creation, in the arms of our creator, Mother Earth. She directs and guides us down our path with no truer love. Trust, have faith, know we are where we are meant to be. Remain steadfast, unwavering in your conviction to bring Mother Earth into balance. As this world, Mother Earth, the Creator, transitions, Zayco maintains the infrastructure, the next guardian of life on this world, existing on this material plane, will be revealed and walk with you, beside you, out of the darkness and to the light. Music will heal, the perfect vibrations, frequencies resonating with this world, will heal and solidify balance on Earth.

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  1. Beloved Laurene Camacho

    Thank you for this very beautiful painting and words. I salute you.

    What brought me to your site, is that we experienced the magic, marvel and miracle of seven rainbows yesterday the 26th March 2021. Which date made the 7 – the Soul Number of my divine husband Manuel Auguste Myriam Jozef Lamiroy.

    We had our 25th wedding anniversary on our Winter Solstice the 21st June 2020. The date made the 13 – for The 13th Sacred Key – THE LAW OF LOVE. And the 21 over 13 makes the Golden Ratio.

    After 25 years and 9 months, my beautiful divine husband is finally clear from the terrible infliction on His lungs wrought by an unthinking unevolved earth father.

    The Taoists say that Venus rules our Lungs. And Mars rules our Heart. Very interesting.

    Today, the 27th March 2021 makes the Number 8 -The Number of The Christ, Libra, Ma’at. The seven rainbows of yesterday shows that we have finally arrived here, together.


    In divine love, light, laughter
    Ma Siddhidhatri

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