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Mother Earth rattles, shakes, shifts, cleanses emerges to start the journey back to balance

Mother Earth has been wounded, broken and bloodied, something we’ve all had a hand in, which is why we move through tribulation. Tribulation has given us the opportunity to balance our karma with Mother Earth. This is our obligation, our duty to each other and our world. We are not victims, we must be held accountable, we must hold ourselves accountable. This event not only serves as a means of balancing our karma, but also in demonstrating what we place our trust in. What do you, we place our trust in, as individuals and as a collective? Our consciousness, subconscious, actions, words have revealed our intention and determined our path as individuals. In doing so, we have chosen the path to incarnate in the Cepheus constellation or here on Mother Earth. At the root, that was the purpose of tribulation and revelation. The outcome is neither a reward nor a punishment, merely a reality each will live within, while always and eternally connected to Divinity, the Source of All Creation. Every lifetime is an opportunity to learn, experience, become aware and awaken. Embrace each moment for the opportunities it affords you/us.

This video discusses a number of perspectives of tribulation, transcendence and this phase of revelation.


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