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Day 1 – My Journey: Fasting to Fortify – Clearing Centering and Balancing My Energy

Fasting on My Journey to My Soul Purpose
How can I claim to be a spiritual being if I don’t follow Divine Guidance?
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Iris represents the Goddess (Image 1)


by Amanda Linette Meder

The Iris is the symbolic flower signifying the rainbow arc between Heaven and Earth. The Iris symbolizes the trinity, and as such, there are three main methods of identifying the symbolism with the Iris.

First, Iris represents the Goddess. The Goddess Iris is the rainbow and the messenger of the Gods, a Goddess of the sea and sky. She is associated with communication, messages, the rainbow, and new endeavors. Her father, Thaumas, was a marine-god, and her mother Elektra a cloud-nymph. In myth, she appears as an errand-running messenger, as a message deliverer.

She is known as one of the goddesses who links the sea with the sky, connecting The Spirit World to The Physical World, linking Heaven with Earth as a divine messenger.

Often the Goddess Iris appears in meditations as amber color and rules over mediumship or the messages from the living to the dead and vice versa. It is thought Iris links the Gods to humanity, and it is believed the flower is named after her.

The shape of the flower – specifically the trinity of the petals – is symbolic of the three-way connection often required in spiritual communication, between Spirit – Medium – Message Recipient.

In flower language, Iris symbolizes hope, courage, and truth/trust.

The Iris often comes in blues, purples, whites, and yellows, but typically they are purple.

The outer flowers of the Iris are purple, and this color is symbolic of intuition and psychic awareness. Access and developing your intuitive abilities are essential in forming a clear, stable connection from yourself to Spirit.

The center floral color of yellow is symbolic of the golden, Divine Light which exists in each person when connected in a sacred meeting between selves within The Spiritual World and The Physical World.

The Goddess appears as a golden amber.

Amber or amber-golden often symbolizes divinity or spiritual healing and intuition. The most common Iris colors, gold, and purple together, express divinity and intuition.

The Goddess Iris, the flower Iris, and the colors of the flower itself combine to form the perfect symbolism for a universal and sacred connection to Spirit.

To end, this is a spiritually symbolic flower.

Iris usually symbolizes a trinity, a divine link between the Heaven and Earth Realms, psychic abilities and intuition, divine truth, hope, and rebirth.


1What Is The Symbolic Meaning Of The Iris Flower? by Amanda Linette Meder

Image 1 Credit: The Black Mamba on Blogspot, “Iris Flower Wallpaper”



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